A Journal of Hope

So, you've found my journal. I'd really rather you didn't read it, since it's filled with my hopes and dreams, but since you've gotten your hands on it, you should read about why I started this before going any deeper.

My name is Hope Elizabeth Tyler, and two years ago my entire world changed.

Before the "Great Revealation" (hah, "Great" my behind, it's been nothing but a curse on my life), I was like most any other teenaged girl — I had a life filled with friends, and shopping, and boys. I was attending LSU in Alexandria, LA, and I was going to become a teacher. I had my twin sister, and Tripp Reynolds by my side nearly constantly. My best friends, my confidantes, my entire world.

Then I fell in love.

Love does funny things to a person sometimes. In this case, I saw Tripp kissing my twin on the day I was going to tell him how I felt. I was hurt, and jealous, and didn't want to talk to either of them. In hindsight, that was foolish of me, because that night I lost them both.

We'd planned a party for Tripp's return, and I sent Faith and Tripp out into the night, leaving me to clean up the mess. But you see, a creature of darkness got to them. It ripped out Tripp's throat, and left my twin in a catatonic state for two full years.

My normally happy, Christian family was torn utterly apart by this occurrence. My parents spiraled into despair over my sister's condition. I was close to going that way too, but a friend of the family showed me the light — the Fellowship of the Sun — people like my family who had been put in horrific and terrible situations due to these blood-sucking fiends.

I moved to Dallas shortly after attending my very first Light of Day Institute leadership conference, and I've been there ever since. At first I was attending school, and helping to take care of my sister. She's better now and doesn't need me so much, and so I've started to move on with my life. I've made friends, I've become the poster girl for the FotS, and I've even fallen in love again.


There is something to be said for allowing God into your heart even in the most troubled and dark of times. Even if I believe that humans and vampires can never co-exist.

May His holy light shine upon you all.

Welcome to the Journal of Hope Tyler


Hope for Humanity journalizes the goings-on in the life of Hope Tyler; poster girl for the Fellowship of the Sun.

Hope was developed as a character for the online RPG (a MUSH) by the name of True Blood: Dallas, whis is based on Charlaine Harris' world in both the Southern Vampire Mysteries, and HBO's TrueBlood. No canon characters are involved in the game, or in Hope's life… so while these pages could be considered to be a work of fanfiction, the only similarity she has with any of Ms. Harris' work is the concepts from her world, and only as they appear on TB:D.

The journal entries in these pages are meant as companion pieces to Hope's in-game experiences, and while you're welcome to come along for the ride, keep in mind that journal entries are kept in a hand-written notebook and are therefore only OOC information and not to be used on the game.

Journal posts will happen on an unpredictable whim, as much may be going on in Hope's life, but she may not wish to comemorate them with an entry. New posts will be found under the Recent Entries page, but if you want to know when the site is updated, click on the 'Start watching' link down in the lower left-hand corner.

True Blood: Dallas (TB:D) is an online role-playing game based in the True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries world. Hope for Humanity is not officially connected with TB:D, but is a journal site for a character on the aforementioned game.

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