Friends & Family

Everyone has friends, and everyone has family. This is the list of all the important people in my life.



My twin sister. My bestest of best friends. The one I used to turn to all the time, no matter what the subject.

I moved to Dallas for her, and I stuck by her side through all the mess with Green Oaks, the vampires, and while there was a brief period where I was going to kill her for being a vampire, things are much better now.

I didn't agree with her relationship, mostly because I don't think her mind is stable enough for her to love someone totally and completely. She kept running out on Ivan and getting herself in trouble. But now? After they got engaged, she left him. Or he left her. I don't know the entire story there, but the bottom line is that they're no longer together.

I tried to get her to go to counselling with him, but she won't. She says that what happened, happened and there's no way to fix it. There's a way to fix everything, but even so it's not really my place to push her. I tried to like Ivan for her sake. Now I don't know that I have to.



My knight in shining armor, my Bobbyguard, and my heart.

It all started with a run-in at the Warehouse where he works as a bouncer. He let me borrow his phone to have my car picked up by the tow-truck, and while we waited I found out he was a parishioner at the Fellowship of the Sun.

Afterward, when Faith went missing from Green Oaks (again), he tried his best to help me find her, even staying with me until she was found.

Which is when I really fell in love with him.

Anyone that would put their life on hold to help a girl with a 'crazy' sister is definitely worth it in my books.

That's not to say that things have been at all easy, or perfect. Every road in a relationship is a bumpy one. If the roads were too easy, then something isn't right.

Bobby's parents were attacked. His father was killed. He had a rough time with it, but we got through it together. I stood by him every step of the way.

I know people think that he's pretty awful for the whole mistaken-engagement, the break, and everything that went along with it, but those people have no idea what real love is all about.

Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast,
it is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking,
it is not easily angered,
it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil
but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts,
always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails.
- The Bible : 1 Corinthians 13:4

Love never fails, and neither will we.



Perhaps one of the most important 'people' in my life, because she loves me unconditionally. Even with all my faults and weaknesses, she's good for a cuddle or to just lay by my side.

Serenity came into my life in a very strange way, but I'm glad she did. Chloe, that's Bobby's sister, wound up with her and didn't want her. So he texted me and asked for a name. I named her, and while that doesn't make her mine in any way, shape, or form, she is what brought Bobby and I back together.

For that, Serenity will always have a special place in my heart — the piece that glued a somewhat broken heart back together, for better or worse.



Ivan Fontane.

From the moment I met him, I distrusted and disliked him. Something was definitely off about him. I mean, who in their right mind would bring an obviously mentally unstable girl to their home for the night, instead of contacting the police right away?

Who in their right mind would then begin dating a girl that was still in a mental institution?

Faith was not ready for a relationship, and I guess they've broken up now. I never had anything against my sister's happiness, but I still think that they were moving way too quickly.

Sometimes, I can't stand him. Sometimes, I pity him. Sometimes, he seems okay. Mostly, it scares me that we was so easily able to control my sister's life. For that sake and that alone, I'm happy that they're no longer together.



Where Faith is my sister by blood, Hana would definitely be my sister of the heart.

We stand for the same beliefs, we share a lot of the same goals. She may be a bit more zealous about things than I am — bordering on the level of Sarah Newlin — but she's pretty cool to have as a 'fangirl'.

I've been working with her at her shop for a while, helping her get floral arrangements done for graduations and weddings. It's not something that I honestly saw myself doing, but the pay is decent, and the hours mean that I can be home and safe before dark.

Hana is going to be one of my bridesmaids.



Mr. Wright.

No, that's literally his name. Bobby may be my Mr. Right, but Mr. Wright is going to be the most awesomest mayor in existence. He works with the Fellowship of the Sun, as well as the rest of the community. He does a lot of work with Habitat for Humanity, and helps coach a little league team of underpriviledged kids.

He has my support 110% of the way! More than that, even. I'm going to be working on his campaign, and while I don't know a whole lot about politics, I know a whole lot about promoting a good face to the public. I'm the poster girl for the Fellowship of the Sun after all!

I know he's concerned that I won't focus my time on the wedding, but most of that stuff is done already. Plus… I'm pretty sure Bobby'd prefer some other topic of conversation right about now…



There is quite a bit I could say about Tripp… but let's start at the beginning.

Tripp was my best friend besides my sister. He was like, the heart of our little trio growing up, and he was the first boy I ever fell in love with.

Then he died. He died horrifically. He had his throat torn out by a nasty, blood thirsty, creature of darkness. He died, we buried him, and life went on.

Until a few months ago, when the worst possible thing could have ever happened.

Tripp came back.

He's not alive, he's still dead. What's walking around in a Tripp-skin, is nothing more than a vile, disgusting demon. It talks like Tripp, and it acts like Tripp, but it's not really Tripp.

Because Tripp?

He's dead. And we all know that dead things don't rise up and wander around.



I'm not really sure what to write about Elliott.

We were friends. We were good friends. He was helping me get over my fear of the night. Showing me and reminding me that there were things out there that could be fun, and not just filled with scary vampires.

Then he came over. Into my house. And the bastard BIT me.

The guy who was trying his absolute best to make me have less fear, has made it so I won't leave my house after dark unless I'm with someone else.

I'm hurt. I'm starting to think everyone I care for will become a vampire. Bobby had better not be next.

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