09/06 - Honeymoon!!!

Oh wow. Just, wow. I've been married for just over a week, and I still can't believe it. I'm in shock, and awe, and more shock.

Other than my brief hyperventilation before the ceremony, everything went fine. Amazingling so. The sun broke through the clouds just long enough to grace us with it's presence at the Fellowship of the Sun Church, almost as though God was giving his blessing to us.

The reception was amazing. Extreme(ly Elegant) Events is definitely going to be getting a million thank yous from me! There wasn't a cloth out of place, or a wilted flower. Everything was black, pink, and perfect! Our wedding was definitely one for the fairytale books, that's for sure!

To make things even more amazing, Bobby (along with Mr. Wright) made sure that I got the best surprise ever. A week long vacation at the Fairmont Orchid in Kamuela, Hawaii!

The resort was phenomenal. It had a spa… without walls. It was all outdoors! Can you imagine? I mean, while the weather wasn't entirely sunny the whole time it was still beautifully amazing to sit outside and get a massage in a little tent, while hearing nature all around.

There was also a 10,000 sq. ft pool! Can you imagine? That's like probably 10x the size of the house! Two giant whirlpools too, and we were right on the beach so we went walking out there every night. I even got to try my hand at doing the hula!

The best though was the night we went stargazing in the cove. Just the two of us. Quiet, romantic… <3

I'm going to try to get some of the pictures added to the journal now, just to show off.

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