07/27 - Birthday & Wedding Update

Bobby's birthday passed without very much ceremony. I waited until a few days later to bake him a cake… although it still turned out to be the leaning tower of cake. One of these days I'll learn how to bake a cake properly without it tilting ever to the left.

Chloe gave him these really beautiful cufflinks. Silver. I hope he wears them to the wedding.

Everything is under full swing now. One month to go! I've got fittings, and the bridesmaid dresses are in for everyone else to get fitted too. I've got cake tastings to go to (I hope I don't gain much weight, guess I'll need to start hitting the gym for a dance aerobics class!), and DJ's to audition since I've not heard back from Ian…

This next month is going to be an absolute whirlwind. I still have campaign stuff to work on too, and school to look forward to the week after the wedding…

I hope I can remember to breathe!

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