About True Blood: Dallas

Come and help Hope, and the FotS take back the night!


It is a modern world. And in this modern, urban world, very few cities represent the crux of civilization like the bustling major metropolitan as eloquently as Dallas, Texas does. With a heritage rich and steeped within Mexican mythology, and a tragic, violent history, the land is ripe with the blood of its children. It is a city built on the bones of its past.

And from the ghostly shadows of this world, dark secrets have emerged. The year is 2005, and vampires have been out for a grand total of two years, leading to unprecedented amounts of discrimination to the dead. The world has been divided into two polarized opposites, drawn into a hot topic issue that is like no other, spanning continental boundaries with no discrimination - the ultimate equalizer. Animals prowl the streets and alleyways the moment the moon come out to play. Witches practice their occult magic behind closed doors. And in an attempt to combat the ever-growing darkness, the children of the light have gathered together, appealing to God to deliver them from evil.

It is a modern world. It is a magical, mystical world. It is your world.

True Blood: Dallas is a game based off of the Southern Vampire series and, to a lesser degree, the hit HBO series True Blood. Playable races, for the moment, include humans, psychics, witches, vampires, and shifters (including werewolves).

Players are invited to create characters based on this world and help write the stories waiting to be told there.

To connect to the game you will need a telnet client such as SimpleMU or MUSHClient.

Once you have a telnet client, you can connect with the following:

* Address: trueblood.thruhere.net
* Port: 4444 (alternatively 4204)

True Blood: Dallas (TB:D) is an online role-playing game based in the True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries world. Hope for Humanity is not officially connected with TB:D, but is a journal site for a character on the aforementioned game.

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